Table of Contents

I . Button History Information

II. Natural Button Products
     A. Natural Genuine Shell
     B. Corozo Nut Buttons
     C. Genuine Horn / Bone
     D. Genuine Wood / Bamboo
     E. Genuine Coconut

III. Polyester Button Products
     A. Wheel/Drum Cast Polyester
     B. Molded Polyester
     C. Rod Cast Polyester

IV. Compression Molded Button Products
     A. Melamine
     B. Mottled Urea

V. Other Button Categories
     A. Metals (casted and stamped)
     B. Nylon
     C. Leather
     D. Covered Buttons/Chef Knots
     E. Chef Knots

VI. Logo Logic
     A. Conventional etched engraving
     B. Laser engraving

VlI. Everything you want to know about buttons, but are afraid to ask!!
     A. Measuring a Button
     B. Button Quantities
     C. Minimum Requirements
     D. Button Holes
     E. Button Shapes
     F. Button Finishes
     G. Button Names
     H. Dye to Match
      I.  Garment Dye
     J.  Wrinkle Free
     K. Order Flow

VIII. Automatic Sewing Equipment

IX. Projection Program

X. Sample Ordering Procedures

XI. Inventory and Quick Turn Programs

XII. Super Durable Buttons

XIII. Emsig In House Quality Testing

XIV. Customer Service

XV. New Account Set Up Procedures

XVI. Pricing Procedures

XVII. Return Policy and Procedure