The History of Emsig Manufacturing Corporation
Back in 1928, The Emsig family started a new business, Emsig Manufacturing. The initial market strategy, as it remains today, was to produce the highest quality button products for their customers.  From the humble beginnings, complicated with the very difficult financial times of the early 30’s, Emsig emerged as a formidable button manufacturing company over the ensuing years. Below are the highlights of The Emsig journey…   
1928 -The very first product Emsig produced by Emsig were celluloid collar stays.

1931 -The very first enameled steel work shirt buttons.

1935 - Introduced Casein buttons, and  a unique stamping process.

1939 - Introduced  Phenol formaldehyde molded button products.

1941 - Buttons molded from Urea made their initial appearance in the Emsig stable of innovations.

1942 - Buttons made from Fire retardant, color fast, Melamine resins were introduced. 

1949 -The world’s first sew-through shank button as well as the world’s first automatic shank button feeder.

1949 - Emsig introduced its still popular “Twin Faced” (Niagara Twin/Aetna) melamine button.

1949 - Emsig developed  the world’s first molded Polyester buttons.

1950’s -1970’s : The Emsig business continued to grow and prosper. Centrifugal drum and Rod Casting of  polyester resins to blanks, as well as fabrication of all polyester button were all added to the  company’s product mix.  Also opened a Sales and Distribution facility in Hong Kong called Crystal Town.

1980’s - Emsig developed and marketed the world’s first Super Durable Buttons

1990’s - 2005- Emsig developed global strategies, by opening sales, manufacturing, and distribution in various countries. This included Europe, Hong Kong, China, India, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Central America.
2008 - Introduced new product line that offers a wide variety of buttons made from recycled materials.

2009 - Introduced new “Bio-Tech” Melamine product which restricts the growth of viral and bacterial organisms.

2009 - Introduced the first 100% recycled button (Melamine) made from recycled factory materials.

Today, Emsig Manufacturing is managed by third and fourth generation family members, and through all the years of innovation and expansion, The Emsig Group has maintained its initial family friendliness, trust, and market integrity.


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