VIII.  Automatic Sewing Equipment Requirements
For nearly every purchase of buttons you make, you  will be applying the buttons with automatic sewing equipment sometimes called hopper sewing.  Whenever you are involved with selecting a button style or design, proper feeding of the button through your equipment will be an important concern. Typical considerations are:
• Thickness or overall height of the button
• Edge thickness (Blunt edged buttons stay nicely in line in a gravity fed chute, but buttons with a
  tapered edge tend to piggy-back and jam up the tracks).
• Depth of the pattern (Some equipment uses the center well to locate the button for sewing.
• Diameter
• Hole size and location
If there are any equipment or sew-ability questions, please contact your sales representative and we can put you in contact with one of our technical representatives.
IX. Projection Program
Over the years, with the manufacturing emphasis being on, on-time deliveries, our customer’s demand for shorter cycle time has increased.  Emsig is constantly looking for way’s to reduce our production lead-times and have accomplished this by implementing “Lean Manufacturing”.  In those cases where our lead-time does not fit into your requirements;  we do offer a projection “Hold for Call’ program. The program works by customers placing a written projection purchase order for the amounts that they anticipate using over a period of time. In general, we will produce 50% of the quantity in the normal delivery time, and hold in stock. As the customer calls out releases against the inventory, Emsig will replace the inventory to the full level of the purchase order.  We allow the customer three to six months from the initial date that the inventory is made, to use the entire amount. Please contact your sales representative or customer service agent for full details.     
X. Samples
A sample is considered a request from a customer, for quantities less than one gross. We also accommodate customer request for larger amounts for samples as well. Our standard shipping method for sample orders is UPS Ground, Federal Express Ground, or US Mail if going to a domestic USA account.  If a special method is required for your location, please provide your UPS or Federal Express Account number.  Samples, if available, are generally sent out same day if requested before 1 pm. 
XI.  Inventory / Quick Turn Items
EMSIG strives to keep minimal inventory levels. Although we do carry production overruns on some items, stock is limited unless being held for a customer in a Projection Program or is part of our Melamine Supermarket program (See our melamine selection under our product catalogue).  Approximate lead-times for all items we offer  range from 2 weeks to 4 weeks in most cases. If you require an expedited service, please request this with your  sales or service representative.   
XII. Super Durable – Break Resistant
Emsig Manufacturing was the industries pioneer of break resistant buttons, and have a trademark on “Super Durable” Buttons.  By combining better resins that contain a special ingredient with dynamic geometrics, we can achieve button strength that will surpass the ASTM standards for industry strength.  Examples of these type of buttons can be found by visiting our Product Line section of this web site, and select Super Durable. A few examples can also be found below.  These buttons can be customized with your  Logo, or used plain.
XIII. Button Quality Testing
Emsig offers a variety of in-house quality testing, in addition to using International Independent testing facilities. These independent facilities are located in America, India, and  in Hong Kong. Our In house testing manual is available upon request or can be downloaded here.  “Quality Control
Additionally, the following quality documents are also available for download:
Conflict Metals Letter (.pdf)
UL Certificate of Compliance for Fire Retardant Buttons
Test Results for Lead Content (.pdf)
Bio-Tech Stat Sheet (.pdf)
Bio-Tech Test Results (.pdf)
Fire Retardant Test Results (.pdf)
Melamine Material Spec Sheet (.pdf)
Melamine MSDS Button Requirements (.pdf)
Melamine, Federal Regulation (.pdf)
Melamine Test Results for Lead & Nickel Content (.pdf)
20 Longhorn Lead & Formaldehyde (.pdf)
20 NiA TWN Lead Content (.pdf)
30 Industro Lead Content (.pdf)
Berry Amendment Certification Notice (.pdf)
Intertek Melamine Results (.pdf)
Intertek Poly Results (.pdf)
QLL Report (.pdf)
Quality Standards (MIL SPEC 105D) (.pdf)
Recycled Button Content (.pdf)
Specs for Military Buttons “V-B-871F” (.pdf)
Melamine vs. Polyester (.pdf)
XIV. Customer Service
Our customer service staff is located at our corporate office in New York City, with Satellite offices at our factory in our plant in Putnam CT.  Our Service teams are available Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30pm EST. 
XV. New Customer Set Up
If you are a new account,  please check with customer service team or simply submit a credit application to (“Credit Application”).  Our Accounting department generally requires 24 hours to complete credit study.  You will be assigned a Sales Representative if necessary, and/or  a Customer Service contact upon processing, dependent upon your location. You will also be assigned a credit limit and a credit term, based on your credit history status.  Our standard credit term for most customers is net 30 days. Special requests may be granted, please contact your sales representative or our customer service team.   
XVI. Pricing
Emsig offers competitive market pricing on all items, however special pricing can be given if the situation is warranted based on volume.  This request MUST BE channeled through your sales or service representative.  Discounts can be granted based on annual volume or shorter payment terms. 
XVII. Return Policy
In the event that you  ordered or receive a wrong item, please contact your sales or service representative at once. Please have available the following information:  Invoice number, ship date, Emsig Manufacturing Corporation order number, and  your purchase order number. After verifying the correct item needed and making the necessary replacement shipment, customer service will give you a return authorization number to use.  If the error is ours, we will pay for the freight both for the replacement shipment, and for the return goods. If  it is an error on your part, the freight will be your responsibility and there may be a minimal re-stocking fee.    


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Melamine RSL Testing (.pdf)